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About Barrie Tron

Barrie Tron has produced a variety of public affairs marketing communications activities for clients such as the National Science Foundation, Parkinson’s Action Network, and Rolls Royce NA. As a writer/producer he has used live events, and media productions such as video, CD ROM and DVD, and satellite communications to help communicate client messages.

During the Bush Administration, Tron managed and produced media coverage around major presidential activities such as Oval Office speeches, State of the Union addresses, economic summits, international peace summits, and other domestic events. As Director of Public Affairs, he was responsible for the White House's advertising strategy, which featured President Bush's public service announcements on every broadcast and cable network. He also managed several interagency public affairs working groups on public policy issues.

White House historian Brad Patterson refers to Tron as a "communications innovator" in his recent book, The White House Staff: Inside the West Wing and Beyond, for incorporating satellite and television technology into public affairs communication.

Tron served as Director of Advertising at the Republican National Committee in the 1988 election cycle, where he managed the production and placement of a $14 million advertising campaign.

Tron graduated from Columbia University in 1981 with a BA in English Literature.

Creative Services

  • Message Development
  • Strategic Event Planning & Execution
  • Media Production – DVD, CD ROM, Video
  • Television, Radio and Print Production
  • Satellite Production


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