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Media Productions



The National Science Foundation (NSF)
CD ROM Production

The Challenge: The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds basic scientific and engineering research programs at over 2,000 colleges, universities and other non-profit institutions. NSF grantees are on the cutting edge of scientific research, routinely making breakthrough discoveries. However, too often these researchers fail to notify the news media about their discoveries. Our production encouraged these researchers to contact NSF’s media relations staff about their research to ensure the appropriate publicity.

The Approach: Develop a CD ROM for grantees that illustrates the importance of contacting NSF’s media relations staff when promoting research. Using the analogy of the Big Bang – first without any audio – we made the point that other researchers, scientists, and the general public can all benefit from knowing about scientific discoveries. Our production used a combination of scripted sound bites from NSF media relations staff, b-roll, and animation to create a quickly editing CD ROM. The piece ends with a dramatic Big Bang with full audio, emphasizing the point that NSF can make a “lot of noise” for science.

The Result: Researchers have responded favorably to the piece and are providing NSF with the necessary information to promote their research to the news media.

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Rolls Royce

Event Production

The Challenge: Rolls Royce was chairing the annual dinner dance for the
prestigious Wings Club in New York City at which Brigadier General Charles
Yeager would receive the Club's Dinstinguished Achievement Award. The
challenge was to create a lively and entertaining award presentation
saluting General Yeager for his many accomplishments, including first
breaking the sound barrier.

The Approach: Using existing footage, our production team was able to
create a lively and interesting production that tracked the life and vast
accomplishments of General Yeager.

The Result: The production served to introduce General Yeager as he
accepted the Wings Club Dinstinguished Achievement Award.

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USA Services

Marketing Production

The Challenge: The General Services Administration (GSA) was rolling out a comprehensive citizen response service for the U.S. Government. This initiative -- USA Services -- would allow agencies to respond to citizen request for information in whatever form requested -- e-mail, phone, fax, and letter -- in two days or less.

The Approach: As part of a White House briefing for agency directors and principals, GSA requested a video production to introduce USA Services and the benefits that would be derived from this effort. The production featured sound bites from President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Administrator Perry, and comments from man-on-the-street interviews and third party advocates. The production is intended to complement other marketing elements and was constructed as a stand alone piece to be used in presentations and with kiosks at other government meetings.

The Result: The White House briefing was a tremendous success with multiple agency directors requesting more information about the program and initiating due diligence reviews for their departments. News articles about this new service appeared in multiple publications and broadcast outlets including the Wall Street Journal and CNN TV.

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Public Service Campaign

The Challenge: NOAA satellites now monitor a new class of hand-held personal locator beacons (PLBs) used by outdoor enthusiasts on backcountry outings. These PLBs, when activated, provide exact GPS guidance for rescue crews in the event of trouble or danger. NOAA was intent on promoting this new service and was interested in creating a multi-faceted public service campaign using radio, TV and print.

The Approach: Clive Cussler, best selling author and adventure enthusiast, agreed to serve as spokesperson for the campaign. TV and radio ads were created and distributed to media outlets across the country. In addition to producing the spots, Tron Communications also developed a marketing plan that included targeting TV and radio station meteorologists. A companion DVD and CD ROM was also created and distributed to the news media to help communicate NOAA’s message.

The Result: The public service announcements have been broadcast multiple times in targeted media markets and on national cable channels. A poster produced for the campaign has also been placed in state parks, sporting goods stores, and other high traffic locations.

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General Services Administration (GSA)
Press Conference

The Challenge: To create a launch event for the re-design of the federal government’s web portal, www.FirstGov.gov. The event was considered such an important component of the President’s E-Gov Initiative, that Vice President Cheney and OMB Director Mitch Daniels were on hand to launch the event.

The Approach: An event was designed and staged at the White House complex in EEOB 450. A large projection screen served as the backdrop for the event and a specially constructed “mouse” was created for the Vice President to depress and launch of the web site.

The Result: Extensive national and regional media coverage including a feature article in The Washington Post’s Federal Page which wrote:The Bush administration on Wednesday launched the new! improved! version of FirstGov.gov, the government Web site created by the Clinton administration, which both administrations have now hailed as an effort to make government more user-friendly. To underscore its importance, Vice President Cheney presided at the official e-launch in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

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The Contract with America

Television Production / Satellite Communications

The Challenge: The Contract with America emerged publicly with the staging of the mass signing of the Contract on the steps of the U.S. Capitol by 367 candidates for office on September 27, 1994. The challenge was to draw the attention of the public to the House of Representatives in the 1994 election. As Newt Gingrich, the first Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives in 40 years, has written of the Contract: "there is no comparable congressional document in our two-hundred-year history."

The Approach: We designed an event that provided video material not only for a national media audience, but local media as well. This was accomplished by making every candidate and incumbent publicly sign the Contract with America, providing news footage for “back home” media. In addition, we designed a stage and backdrop that would capture the power of this moment, and produced a live satellite broadcast of the event for radio and television news stations.

The Result: The GOP took over the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. It has been written that historians would likely reflect back upon the Contract With America as one of the most significant developments in the political history of the United States in the late twentieth century.

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